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Buhmann, Ervin, Jörgenson, Strobl (Eds.)
Trends in Knowledge-Based Landscape Modeling
Proceedings at Anhalt University of Applied Sciences 2006

Prof. Dr. habil. Dieter Orzessek

Prof. Dr. Siegmar Brandt

Erich Buhmann, Ian Jorgensen, Stephen Ervin and Josef Strobl

Table of Contents


Ervin, S.:
Landscape Meta-Modeling

Strobl, J.:
Visual Interaction: Enhancing Public Participation ?

Jørgensen, I.:
The Language of Terrain

Intelligence in Landscape Modeling

Breskvar ?aucer, L. and J. Maru?ic:
Application of Artificial Neural Networks in Landscape Typology

Wilcke, D., S. Zacharias, Z. Jin and F. Sieke:
GIS-based Expert System for Land Use Planning as a Contribution to Flood Mitigation

Tiede, D. and J. Strobl:
Polygon-based Regionalisation in a GIS Environment

Dam, T.:
Knowledge of Experiences in Digital Landscape through Textbooks on Design and Landscape Technology

Ecosystem and Land Use Modeling

Foerster, M., S. Itzerott, B. Kleinschmit, A. Koppen, K. Kunzmann and L. Ross:
A Rule-based Methodology for Detecting Suitable Locations for the Cultivation of Biomass- A Guideline for Regional Authorities and Farmers

Lovett, A.,K. Appleton, G. Sünnenberg, B. Evans, J. Orson and S. Herrmann:
Modeling and Visualising Runoff and Soil Erosion Problems in an Agricultural Catchment: The AMEWAM Project

Schumacher, J. and J. Trautner:
Spatial Modeling for the Purpose of Regional Planning Using Species Related Expert Knowledge

Otawa T.:
Modeling Land Use Changes in the Palouse Region of the Northwestern United States

Interaction with and Visualization of VR Landscape Models

Schroth, O. and W. A. Schmid:
How Much Interactivity does the Public Want? An Assessment of Interactive Features in Virtual Landscapes

Thompson, E. M. and M. Horne:
Diversity in Virtual Reality Landscape Modeling

Ross, l., B. Kleinschmit, J. Döllner and H. Buchholz:
Automated Transformation of 2D Vector-based Plans to 3D Geovirtual Environments

Mach, R.:
Interacting Presentation of Landscape Data using the Portable Document Format PDF

Baumeier, S. and S. Eichhorn:
Potentials and Drawbacks of Digital Visualization - Methods for Interdisciplinary Research and Reconstruction on Settlement Development

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