DLA Proceedings 2005

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Buhmann/Paar/Bishop/Lange (Eds.)
Trends in Real-Time Landscape Visualization and Participation
Proceedings at Anhalt University of Applied Sciences 2005

Prof. Dr. habil. Dieter Orzessek

Erich Buhmann, Philip Paar, Ian Bishop and Eckart Lange

Table of Contents


Bishop, I.:
Visualization for Participation: The Advantages of Real-Time?

Lange, E.:
Issues and Questions for Research in Communicating with the Public through Visualizations

Lennertz, B.:
The Charrette as an Agent for Change

Selle, K.:
The End of Public Participation? Stories of the Transformation of an Old Notion

Integrated Landscape Visualization Systems

Werner, A., O. Deussen, J. Döllner, H.C. Hege, P. Paar and J. Rekittke:
Lenné3D - Walking through Landscape Plans

Cavens, D.:
Site-Specific Simulation and Visualization of Suburban Growth

Jude, S., I. Brown, S. Koukoulas, M. Dickson, M. Walkden, A. Jones and A. Watkinson:
Exploring Future Coastlines - Initial Steps Towards the Development of an Integrated Coastal Simulation and Visualisation System

Tiede, D. and T. Blaschke:
A Two-Way Workflow for Integrating CAD, 3D Visualization and Spatial Analysis in a GIS Environment

Coconu, L., C. Colditz, H.C. Hege and O. Deussen:
Seamless Integration of Stylized Renditions in Computer - Generated Landscape Visualization

Colditz, C., L. Coconu, O. Deussen and H.C. Hege:
Real-Time Rendering of Complex Photorealistic Landscapes Using Hybrid Level-of-Detail Approaches

Clasen, M. and H.C. Hege:
Realistic Illumination of Vegetation in Real-Time Environments

Buchholz, H., J. Bohnet and J. Döllner:
Smart Navigation Strategies for Virtual Landscapes

Döllner, J., K. Baumann and H. Buchholz:
Representation and Interactive Editing of Vector Data in Virtual Landscapes

van Lammeren, R., A. Momot, R. Olde Loohuis and T. Hoogerwerf:
3D Visualization of 2D Scenarios

Loiterton, D. and I. Bishop:
Virtual Environments and Location-Based Questioning for Understanding Visitor Movement in Urban Parks and Gardens

Implications for the Planning Process

Warren-Kretzschmar, B. and S. Tiedtke:
What Role Does Visualization Play in Communication with Citizens? - A Field Study from the Interactive Landscape Plan

Petschek, P.:
Terrain Modeling with GPS and Real-Time in Landscape Architecture

Schroth, O., E. Lange and W. Schmid:
From Information to Participation - Applying Interactive Features in Landscape Visualizations

An, K.:
Implementation of Real-Time Landscape Visualisation for Planning Process

Golobic, M.:
Visualisation Methods as an Interface between Science and Democracy in Spatial Planning

Participation and Communication Techniques

Rekittke, J. and P. Paar:
Enlightenment Approaches for Digital Absolutism. Diplomatic Stepping-Stones Between the Real and the Envisioned

Messager Belveze, P. and D. Miller:
Visual Quality and Communication Information in a Rural Landscape Context

Wissen, U., E. Lange and W. Schmid:
Optimizing the Visualization of 3D-Information for Participative Planning of Landscape Development Concepts

Appleton, K. and A. Lovett:
Display Methods for Real-Time Landscape Models: An Initial Comparison

Ecosystem and Land Use Modeling for Landscape Visualization

Röhricht, W.:
oik - nulla vita sine dispensatio. Vegetation Modelling for Landscape Planning

Pietsch, M. and E. Buhmann:
Interpreting the Bronze Age Sky Disc of Nebra using 3D GIS

Ross, L. and B. Kleinschmit:
A GIS-Based Approach to Real-Time Open Space Visualization

Visual Quality Modeling Using Virtual Environments

Mambretti, I., E. Lange and W. Schmid:
Using Visualization for the Evaluation of Safety and Aesthetics Conflicts in Urban Parks

Roth, M. and D. Gruehn:
Scenic Quality Modeling in Real and Virtual Environments

Baumann, H.:
Haydelberga - Integrated Real-Time Modelling and Visualisation

Wössner, U. and J. Kieferle:
Real-Time Simulation in Architectural Virtual Environments

Honjo, T. , En-Mi Lim and Kiyoshi Umeki:
Real-Time Rendering of Landscapes Using VRML With Graphic User Interface

Game Engine-Based Landscape Visualization

Zeile, P., R. Schildwächter, T. Poesch and P. Wettels:
Production of Virtual 3D-Citymodels from Government Geo Data and Visualization with 3D Game Engines by the Example of the UNESCO World Heritage City of Bamberg

Stock, C., I. Bishop and A. O`Connor:
Generating Virtual Environments by Linking Spatial Data Processing with a Gaming Engine

Johns, R. and R. Lowe:
Unreal Editor as a Virtual Design Instrument in Landscape Architecture Studio

Kretzler, E.:
Real-Time in Landscape Architecture Competitions

Hands-on Workshop contribution

Ma, J. , ESRI:
Working towards a 3D GIS for Design Professionals in Landscape Architecture

Schliep, J. W. and S. McSherry, Xfrog:
Xfrog Organic Software Hands-on Workshop

Lemaistre, B. , Bionatics:
AMAP? and Blueberry 3D Application Hands-on Workshop

Hildebrandt, M., 3D Geo:
LandXplorer Application Hands-on Workshop

Baumann, H. and J. Luethje:
Integrated Modeling and Visualization Workshop

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