DLA Proceedings 2004

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Buhmann/Haaren/Miller (Eds.)
Trends in Online Landscape Architecture
Proceedings at Anhalt University of Applied Sciences 2004

Erich Buhmann, Christina von Haaren, Bill Miller

Table of Contents


Landscape Architecture - Education & Virtual Learning Environments Landscape Architecture Online
W.R. Miller

Online Landscape Architecture Education

How "Online" Can Landscape Architecture Education Be? Online-Assisted Teaching, Introductory and Conversion Courses of the Graduate Program at Anhalt University
E. Buhmann and M. Heins

Interactive E-Learning Processes used in Graduate Education Teaching Computer Application in Landscape Architecture
E. Kretzler

Developing an E-Learning Module for an Introductory Course "Environmental Planning"
M. Schwab and B. Hoffmann

Desktop Seminar Survey Results and Analysis: A Distributed Global Approach to Continuing Education
J.B. Burley, L. Sackett, B. LaHaie, R. Leighton and D. Donelin

Virtual Campus - Online Resources for the International Master of Landscape Architecture (IMLA)
U. Kias and M. Ditsch

Online Architecture Education

Building a Knowledge Base for Online Architecture Education
S. Pinkau and T. Gerke

Architecture Reloaded - The Blended Learning Matrix of a Postgraduate Building Restoration Course
U. Nothhelfer, P. Russell and A. Busse

Online Assisted Studios

Place for the Dead: On-line Design Cooperation
K. Eckerberg

Global Classrooms Studio: An Experiment in Virtual and Real, Online Collaboration
J. Hou

Landscape Architecture Online Practise

Online Landscape Planning - What Does it Take? A case study in Königslutter am Elm
C. von Haaren and B. Warren-Kretzschmar

VaSS Builder: A Customizable Internet Tool for Community Planning and Design Participation
C. Seeger

Online Visual Landscape Assessment Using Internet Survey Techniques
M. Roth

Landscape Design and Visualization on the Web
T. Honjo and E. Lin

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