DLA Proceedings 2003

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Buhmann / Ervin (Eds.)
Trends in Landscape Modeling
Proceedings at Anhalt University of Applied Sciences 2003

Prof. Dr. Dr. hc. Dieter Orzessek

Prof. Dr. Omar Akbar
Welcoming Adress

Erich Buhmann, Stephen Ervin

Table of Contents


S. M. Ervin:
Trends in Landscape Modeling

Terrain Modeling

U. Taddei and V. Hochschild:
A Visualization System for Environmental Information Systems and Geohydrological Modeling

H. Ziemann and D. Grohmann:
Photogrammetric Procedures for Digital Terrain Model Determination

S. Patzschke:
Building the DTM for the State of Saxony-Anhalt in Germany

C. Y. Westort:
An Explosion Tool for DTM Sculpting

Vegetation Modeling

I. D. Bishop, G. Fasken, R. Ford, J. Hickey, D. Loiterton and K. Williams:
Visual Simulation of Forest Regrowth under Different Harvest Options

R. Fuest and M. Schnirch:
Visualization of Vegetation Dynamics during the Holocene Period for Educational Purposes

P. Oehmichen:
"Nongeometric" Plant Modeling: Image-Based Landscape Modeling and General Texture Problems with Maya - Examples and Limitations

Landscape Modeling Software

P. Paar:
Lenné 3D ® - The Making of a New Landscape Visualization System: From Requirements Analysis and Feasibility Survey towards Prototyping

T. Honjo and E.-M. Lim:
Server Side Generation of VRML Program by Parametric Modeling

E. Kretzler:
Improving Landscape Architecture Design Using Real Time Engines

Integrated Landscape Visualization Systems

T. Blaschke and J. Strobl:
Defining Landscape Units Through Integrated Morphometric Characteristics

A. Lovett, S. Herrmann, K. Appleton and T. Winter:
Landscape Modelling and Visualization for Environmental Planning in Intensive Agricultural Areas

Ch. J. Seeger:
Using Geographic Information, Multimedia and Landscape Modeling as Integrated Visualization Tools in Developing Highway Corridor Management Plans

E. Buhmann, M. Jähne and M. Eckert:
Using 3D Information in Landscape Planning

D. Myers:
Integrative Technologies for Landscape Visualization of Greenway and Green Infrastructure: Always on the Move

S. Taeger:
A GIS-Based Analysis for an Ecological Efficiency Control of a Regeneration Project at the Weser River

Landscape Representation and Perception

P. Petschek:
Planning of Public Space - The Application of New Media and 3D Visualizations: The Zürich-Leutschenbach Case Study

J. Palmer:
Research Agenda for Landscape Perception

A. Rice:
Exploring the Impact of Emerging Landscape Visualization Tools on Spatial Perception and Design Education

Virtual Landscapes

D. Cavens, E. Lange and W. Schmid:
Virtual Alpine Landscapes and Autonomous Agents

J. Kieferle and U. Wössner:
Mixed Realities: Improving the Planning Process by Using Augmented and Virtual Reality

L. Leonard:
Designing A Virtual Reality Nyungar Dreamtime Landscape Narrative

D. M. Johnston:
The Digital River Basin: Interactive Real-Time Visualization of Landscape Processes

J. C. Blalock:
Real World/Virtual Presentations: Comparing Different Web-Based 4D Presentation Techniques of the Built Environment

J. S. Jude, A. Jones, I. Bateman and J. Andrews:
Developing Techniques to Visualise Future Coastal Landscapes

Commercial Trends

J. Manegold:
Using the ModelBuilder of ArcGIS 9 for Landscape Modeling

J. Ma:
From Professional to People's Software - Tracing the Development of 3D GIS Software at ESRI

B. Best:
Envision Innovations

M. Sabeur and N. Reichelt:
Using AutoRoad for Landscape Virtual Reality Visualization

J. Drosdol, J. Kieferle, A. Wierse and U. Wössner:
Interdisciplinary Cooperation in the Development of Customer-Oriented Brand Architecture

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