DLA Proceedings 2002

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Buhmann / Nothhelfer / Pietsch (Eds.)
Trends in GIS and Virtualization in Environmental Planning and Design
Proceedings at Anhalt University of Applied Sciences 2002

Prof. Dr. Dr. hc. Dieter Orzessek

Prof. Erich Buhmann, U. Nothelfer, M. Pietsch

Table of Contents


J. Strobl:
Georeferenced Internet Communications in a Geoinformation Society

E. Lange:
Visualization in Landscape Architecture and Planning: Where we have been, where we are now and where we might go from here

U. Nothhelfer:
Landscape Architecture in the Reality-Virtuality

J. Wiesel:
Technical Trends in Geo Information

GIS Applications in Environmental Planning

B. Streich:
Dynamic Visualization of Urban Sprawl Scenarios

J. Nicholson:
Expanding the Boundaries of GIS - Making the Transition to Small Urban Scale Projects

B. Dohmen and A. Reh:
Linking GIS and "Mobile GIS" in Precision Agriculture

E. Buhmann:
Using GIS for Visualization of the Changing Landscape of the Brown Coal Mining Areas at the International Building Exhibition (IBA) Fuerst Pueckler Land

Visualization in Landscape Planning

E. Kretzler:
Computer Visualization of Environmental Impacts

A. Lovett, G. S├╝nnenberg, K. Appleton, T. Dockerty, P. Dolman, D. Cobb and T. O'Riordan:
The Use of VRML in Landscape Visualisation

T. Schauppenlehner:
Interactive Visualisation for the Internet in Landscape Planning with VRML

T.D. Johansson:
Actors in the Landscape of Communication: Experience and Categories of Space in Web-Based Visualization of Landscapes for Landscape Planning Communication

Virtualization in Landscape Design

J. Rekittke:
Drag and Drop - The Compatibility of Existing Landscape Theories and New Virtual Landscapes

E.H. Flaherty:
Project Process 21: Virtuality

S.-A. Ware:
Silicon Luddite: A Studio Case Study for Utilizing Digital Media Beyond Landscape Representation Techniques

Technical Trends in Geo Information

K. Egger, B. Geier and A. Muhar:
3D-Visualization-Systems for Landscape Planning: Concepts and Integration into the Workflow of Planning Practice

A. Herwig and P. Paar:
Game Engines: Tools for Landscape Visualization and Planning?

E. Jericke, Leica-Geosystems:
The Integration of Surveying and GIS - The Basis of Sustainable Management of Spatially Related Information

M. Sch├Ânstein, Autodesk:
Internet GIS Developments for Creating, Managing, Distributing and Reusing of Infrastructure Data

C. Brown, ESRI:
G.Net - A New GIS Architecture for Distributed Geographic Information Services

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Wichmann Verlag, Heidelberg
ISBN 3-87907-386-4