DLA Proceedings 2001

Virtuality in Landscape Architecture

Our second international conference was held on may 3 and 4, 2001 on the topic "Virtuality in Landscape Architecture". The conference was organized in co-operation with Dr. Eckart Lange, ETH Zurich, who held the international conference called "Our Visual Landscape", in 1999. The conference themes were:  

A.) New visualization technologies
B.) Movement in virtual landscapes
C.) Graduate work
D.) Company presentation

Prof. Dr. Dr. hc. Dieter Orzessek
Welcome Adress

Keynote Speaker

Prof. Dr. James Palmer:
The Future Practice of Landscape Architecture and Its Implications for Education

Dr. Eckart Lange; Carsten Kramer:
The evolution of visualization techniques in landscape architecture and planning

New visualization technologies

Annet Groneman:
Toposcopie accurately visualizes landscape and urban designs in the existing environment

Prof. Dr. Oliver Deussen:
Presenting Planning Results by Using Non-realistic Computer Graphics

Prof. Dr. Randy Gimblett:
Intelligents Agents in Virtual GIS Worlds: Representation, Simulation and Visualization of Human/ Environment Interactions

Dipl.-Ing Philip Paar:
Landscape Visualization with Lara Croft and her Enemies

Dipl.-Ing Arch. Joachim Kieferle:
The cube for Architects

Movement in virtual landscapes

Andrew Lovett:
VRML in Landscape Visualization

Sue-Anne Ware:
Silicon landscapes

Prof. Richard Perron:
Placegames: designing interactive landscapes for environmental action

Duncan Cavens & Dr. Stephen Sheppard:
Immersive User Interfaces for Interactive Design of Forested Landscape

Prof. Madis Pihlak:
Digital serial Vision: Movie Making for Landscape Architects and Architects

Troels Degn Johannson:
Agents in the landscape of Communication

Graduate work

Dipl.-Ing. Jörg Rekittke:
Evergreen - Theoretical Foundations for the Representation of Landscapes in Virtual Environments

Antonio Marshall:
Diverse Horizons: Golf Course Design For The First Tee

Dipl.-Ing. Matthias Funk:
e-motion - musical inspired track designs through a recreational landscape

Karin Egger, Bettina Geier:
Integrated 3D Visualisation Systems for Landscape Planning: Concepts and Market-reality

Thomas Schauppenlehner:
Interactive Visualisation for the Internet In Landscape Planning with Vrml

Oliver Leuendorf:
Virtual GIS-Application in Brown Coal Reclamation Areas of the IBA Fürst Pückler Land

Company presentations

Dr. Moh Sabeur, Princess Interactive

Mansoor Ma, Illustration Magic Inc, Toronto:
Present you design in 3D-dynamic presentation

Dipl.-Ing. Mirko Ross,Digital WorX TM, Nürthingen:
Collaborative Virtual Multiuser Environments in the Internet

Bernhard Holfter, Bernhard Holfter Informationssysteme:
Doing business in Virtual Landscapes