DLA Proceedings 2011 - Online Version

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Buhmann/Ervin/Tomlin/Pietsch (Eds.)
Teaching Landscape Architecture
Preliminary Proceedings at Anhalt University of Applied Sciences 2011


Table of Contents


Steinitz, C.
"Getting Started" - Teaching in a Collaborative Multidisciplinary Framework


Teaching DLA Design

Rekittke, J. and Paar, P.:
There is no App for that - Ardous Fieldwork under Mega-urban Conditions
Fetzer, E. and Kaiser, H..:
Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning with Wikis and Virtual Classrooms across Institutional Boundaries: Potentials for Landscape Architecture Education
Petschek, P.:
Ozimek, A.:
The Idea of "Integrated Design" in Digital Techniques Teaching
Mclean, R.:
The Diagrammatic Landscape


Teaching DLA Planning

Buhmann, E., Palmer, J., Pietsch, M. and Mahadik, S.:
Visual Resource Management for a Landscape Architecture Studio on the Mediterranean Island of Gozo, Malta - A Studio Approach for International Conversion Students Bridging Different Levels of English
Wissen Hayek, U., Melsom, J., Neuenschwander, N., Girot, C. and Grêt-Regamey, A.:
Interdisciplinary studio for teaching 3D landscape visualization: Lessons from the LVML
Paar, P. and Rekittke, J.:
Wheeling a Trojan Horse to Teach MLA Students Geoinformation Methods



Schwarz-v.Raumer, H. G. and Stokman, A.:
GeoDesign - Approximations of a catchphrase
Lenz, R.., Rolf, W. and Tilk, C.:
Teaching Digital Methods in Landscape Planning - Design, Content and Experiences with a Course for Postgraduate Education
Glander, T., Trapp, M. and Döllner, J.:
Concepts for Automatic Generalization of Virtual 3D Landscape Models
Tomlin, C. D.:
Speaking of GeoDesign
Ervin, S.:
A System for GeoDesign


Landscape Modeling

Bill, R.:
Interdisciplinary research and education in a virtual cultural landscape laboratory
Hahn, H.:
Visualizing Wetland and Meadow Landscapes
Ozimek, A.:
Detecting Greenery in Near Infrared Images of Ground-level Scenes
Stremke, S., Neven, K. and Boekel, A.:
Beyond uncertainties: How to envision long-term transformation of regions?
Fricker, P., Girot, C., Kapellos, A. and Melsom, J.:
Landscape Architecture Design Simulation - Using CNC Tools as Hands-On Tools
Garcia Padilla, M.:
Contributions of landscape planning for biodiversity protection in a "green-rich" country
Benliay, A., Yilmaz, T. and Oktay, H. E.:
Use of the ArcGIS Applications for Analysis and Representation of the Terrains: The Case Study of Alakir River Sub-basin


Interactive Virtual Reality & Landscape Visualization

Bishop, I., Handmer, J., Winarto, A. and McCowan, E.:
Survival in dangerous landscapes - A game environment for increasing public preparedness
Arifin Hadi, A., Kretzler, E. and Warren-Kretzschmar, B.:
Communicating Landscape Design Ideas By Using Virtual Reality (VR) Landscape Models
Schroth, O., Pond, E. and Sheppard, S. R. J.:
Integration of Spatial Outputs from Mathematical Models in Climate Change Visioning Tools for Community-Decision Making on the Landscape Scale
Galev, E.:
Aesthetic Evaluation of Forest Landscapes within the Training and Experimental Forest Range (Tefr) Yundola
Joye, R., Verbeken, J., Heyde, S. and Libbrecht, H.:
Location-aware Mobile Devices & Landscape Reading: Fancy Gadget Or Valuable Tool?
Morgan, E., Gill, L., Lange, E. and Dallimer, M.:
Integration of bird survey data into real-time 3D visualization models and its use in a serious game for children
Dießenbacher, C.:
NAEXUS Virtual Space Scope
Mach, R. and Schork, M.:
Evaluation of Real Time Visualization Software


Knowledge based Planting Design

Cliffin, P.:
On-line Plant Selection Databases
Örnek, M. A. and Cagdas, G.:
A Case Based Model for Designing Vertical Garden
Kircher, W., Messer, U., Fenzl, J., Heins, M. and Dunnett, N.:
Optimizing the Visual Quality and Cost Effectiveness of Perennial Plantings by Randomly Mixed Combinations - Application Approaches for Planting Design


Teaching Methods

Leiner, C. and Stemmer, B.:
Teaching Landscape Planning - Landscape Perception and Analysis
Thurmayr, A. M. and Straub, D.:
On The Preparation of Images
Mertens, E.:
Activating teaching methods for lectures and seminars
Polyzou, E.:
A gender-based typology of determinants of video games use by primary school children


Teaching our clients

Styliadis, A. and Hasanagas, N.:
Adaptive e-Learning DLA Course - A Framework
Kramer, H., Houtkamp, J. and Danes, M.:
Things have changed - A visual assessment of a virtual landscape from 1900 and 2006
Koliji, H.:
From the ?Red Books? of Humphry Repton to the Digital Visualization - A Pedagogical Review


Review Process, Program Committee and Thank You from the Editors
Authors' Addresses