DLA Proceedings 2010

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Buhmann/Pietsch/Kretzler (Eds.)
Digital Landscape Architecture 2010
at Anhalt University of Applied Sciences



Table of Contents

Steinitz, C.
Landscape Architecture into the 21st Century - Methods for Digital Techniques


Geo Design

Flaxman, M.:
Fundamentals of Geodesign
Schaller, J. and Mattos, C.:
ArcGIS ModelBuilder Applications for Landscape Development Planning in the Region of Munich, Bavaria


Landscape Information Models (LIMs)

Miller, P. A., Bakar, S. A. and Liu, S.:
An Exploratory Study of the Use Google Earth to Communicate Geospatial Information for Scenic Assessment and Management - Examples from a Study of Claytor Lake in Southwest Virginia
Pietsch, M., Heins, M., Buhmann, E. and Schultze, C.:
Object-based, Process-oriented, Conceptual Landscape Models - A Chance for Standardizing Landscape Planning Procedures in the Context of Road Planning Projects
Rekittke, J. and Paar, P.:
Grassroots GIS - Digital Outdoor Designing Where the Streets Have No Name


Knowledge-Based Landscape Architecture

Bastani, H.:
Adding Evaluation to the Landscape Design Development Phase by the Capability of Parametric Modeling
Breskvar Zaucer, L., Zupan, B. and Golobic, M.:
Formal Interpretation of Preference Maps - A Data Mining Approach
Golobic, M. and Cof, A.:
Knowledge Support for Planning in Transition - Spatial Vulnerability Analysis for Canton Sarajevo
Formosa, S.:
Maltese Criminological Landscapes - A Spatio-Temporal Case Where Physical and Social Worlds Meet
Heins, M., Kretzler, E. and Kircher, W.:
Green Spaces 3.0 ? Measures, Strategies and Data Architecture to Link Knowledge and Information Management in the Field of Planting Design for the Development of Knowledge-based Software Systems
Labedz, P., Ozimek, A. and Ozimek, P.:
Box-counting Dimension in Landscape Photographs Analyses
Eyenard, C. and Martiarena, M.:
Virtual-Representation of Native Species from Central Argentina
Penko Seidl, S., Cof, A., Breskvar Zaucer, L. and Marusic, I.:
The Problems of Large Protected Areas in the Process of Planning - A Case Study in the Municipality Ig, Slovenia


New Media Applications in Landscape Design

Speed, C. and Southern, J.:
Handscapes - Reflecting upon the Use of Locative Media to Explore Landscapes
Steinhilp, W-M. and Kias, U.:
Comparison of 3-D Printing Techniques Usable in Digital Landscape Architecture
Morgan, E., Gill, L., Lange, E. and Romano, D.:
Rapid Prototyping of Urban River Corridors Using 3D Interactive, Real-time Graphics
Stendel, D. and Wolff, M.:
Autostereoscopic 3D-Geovisualization of Crime Scene Allocations
Stendel, D.:
Evaluation of Autostereoscopic Visualization of Landscape


Landscape Visualization and Communication of Planning

Gill, L., Lange, E., Morgan, E. and Romano, D.:
Interactive 3D Landscape Assessment Models
Rekittke, J. and Paar, P.:
Dirty Imagery - The Challenge of Inconvenient Reality in 3D Landscape Representations
Engel, J. and Döllner, J.:
Approaches for Visual 3D Analysis for Digital Landscapes and Its Applications
Kramer, H., van Lammeren, R. and Ruyten, F.:
Favoring Four Dimensions in Landscape Design
Lindquist, M.:
Affordable Immersion Revisited - A Proposal for a Simple Immersive Visualization Environment (SIVE-Lab)
Lovett, A., Carvalho Ribeiro, S., Van Berkel, D., Verburg, P. and Firmino, A.:
Representing and Communicating Rural Futures through 3D Landscape Visualizations - Experiences from the RUFUS Project
Mach, R.:
Serious Gaming? - Raising Awareness for Retention Measures and Flood Disasters
Stock, C., Bishop, I. D., Sharma, S. and Chen, H.:
Online Collaboration in Australian Virtual Landscapes
Zehner, B.:
Interactive Wind Park Planning in a Visualization Center - Giving Control to the User


Visual Landscape Analysis

Bishop, I. D., Smith, E., Williams, K. and Ford, R.:
Scenario Based Evaluation of Landscape Futures - Tools for Development, Communication and Assessment
Jombach, S., Kollányi, L., Sallay, Á., Csemez, A., Egyed, A. and Tatai, Z.:
ViLaCOrDEM - Special Processing of Orthophotographs in Landscape Change Visualisation
Jombach, S., Drexlar, D. and Sallay, Á.:
Using GIS for Visibility Assessment of a Wind Farm in Perenye, Hungary
Joye, R., De Mûelenaere, S., Heyde, S., Verbeken, J. and Libbrecht, H.:
On the Applicability of Digital Visualization and Analysis Methods in the Context of Historic Landscape Research


Sustainable Landscape Modeling and Design

Blaschke, T.:
Sustainable Landscapes - Regionalization of Resourses, Potentials and Demands
Carvalho Ribeiro, S. M. and Lovett, A.:
Integrating Public Uses and Preferences for Forests into Sustainable Landscape Modelling: A Case Study in Northern Portugal
Wissen Hayek, U., Halatsch, J., Kunze, A., Schmitt, G. and Grêt-Regamey, A.:
Integrating Natural Resource Indicators into Procedural Visualisation for Sustainable Urban Green Space Design
Taeger, S.:
GIS and Hydrological Models as Tools for Habitat Modelling in Alluvial Plains


Digital Landscape Design for the Mediterranean

Schmidt, R.:
Contemporary Landscape Architecture - Parks and Open Space, Duties and Responsibilities
Bonazountas, M., Schaller, J., Martirano, G., Mattos, C., Roumeliotis, L. and Kallidromitou, D.:
"MedIsolae-3D" - Mediterranean Islands SDI and 3D Aerial Web-Navigation
Buhmann, E., Pietsch, M., Langenhaun, D., Chougule, S. and Paar, P.:
Visualizing Boathouses of Dwejra Bay in Gozo, Malta for Access Through WebGIS Applications
Conchin, S., Agius, C., Formosa, S. and Rizzo Naudi, A.:
Does Visualisation of Digital Landscapes Serve Itself? How Topographic, Planning, Environmental and Other Thematic Information is Integrated and Disseminated Via Web GIS
Gauci, R.:
Responsive Landscape
Lameiras, J. M., Jørgensen, I. and Marques, P. F.:
Digital Terrain Modelling in Landscape Architecture


Teaching Digital Landscape Architecture

Marlow, C. M., Hunt, M. A., Calkins, M. E. and Motloch, J. L.:
Design Education in Transition
Marlow, C. M.:
Games and Learning in Landscape Architecture
Nothhelfer, U. G.:
Interactive Learning Beyond Knowledge-based Education
Speed, C.:
Designing for Invisible Landscapes
Watson, D.:
Are Landscape Programmes Meeting the Challenge of Educating the Second Generation of Digital Landscape Architects?


Technical Papers

Dangermond, J., ESRI:
GeoDesign and GIS - Designing Our Futures
FloraCAD als ganzheitliche Lösung für die grüne Branche


Poster Submission

Review Process, Program Committee and Thank You from the Editors
Authors' Addresses