Scientific Program Committee of DLA

Anhalt University of Applied Sciences has been organizing and hosting the annual Conference on Information Technology in Landscape Architecture for twelve years. The growing international interest in this series of conferences, which focuses on the specific needs of applying and developing information technologies for the field of landscape architecture, has lead to the formal establishment of a Scientific Program Committee. Members of this committee have all been giving academic advice on the development of this conference for a number of years now and/or have served as very important reviewers in the blind review process.

The conference committee advises the Conference Director on essential long-term development issues such as

- the main theme of the annual conference,
- selection of the Local DLA Conference Chair and the location of the next DLA Conference,
- both the content and production of the call for papers and promotional posters,
- selection of relevant keynote speakers, and
- selection of editors of the peer-reviewed proceedings

The conference committee also advises the Local DLA Conference Chair on

- the conference program based on the blind evaluations of the abstracts, and
- the resolution of conflicts among the evaluations of different reviewers

The Local DLA Conference Chair rotates among members of the committee. Among the responsibilities of the Local Conference Chair are
- management of the review process,
- local logistic arrangements, and
- national fundraising for the conference.

The Scientific Program Committee of the annual Digital Landscape Architecture DLA Conference currently includes the following members.

BUHMANN, Prof. Erich, Landscape Architect BDLA
Chair and Scientific Director of the International Conference on Information Technology in Landscape Architecture: DIGITAL LANDSCAPE ARCHICTECTURE DLA
Chair of the ECLAS Committee on Digital Technology
Anhalt University of Applied Sciences, Hochschule Anhalt (FH),. Germany | private:

, Prof. Dr. Ian.
University of Melbourne, Australia, |

, Ralf
Rostock University, Germanny |

, Prof. Dr. Thomas
Center for GeoInformatics, University of Salzburg, Austria |

DÖLLNER, Prof. Dr. Jürgen,
Computer Graphics Systems, Hasso-Plattner-Institut at the University of Potsdam,
Germany |

ERVIN, Dr. Stephen, Landscape Architect FASL
Assistant Dean for Information Technology and Director of the Computer Resources Group at the Graduate School of Design, Harvard University, USA |

FLAXMAN, Prof. Dr. Michael,
Dep. of Urban Studies and Planning, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA | |

HASBROUCK, Prof. Hope,
The University of Texas at Austin, USA |

, Dr. Sigrid
The University of Sheffield, United Kingdom,

JØRGENSEN, Prof. Dr. Ian, Landscape Architect
Forest & Landscape, University of Copenhagen, Denmark |

KIAS, Prof. Dr. Ulrich
Weihenstephan University of Applied Sciences, Germany

KIEFERLE, Prof. Joachim, Architect
Hochschule RheinMain, Wiesbaden, Germany |

KIM, Prof. Dr. Mintai
Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, United States |

KOLBE, Prof. Dr. Thomas
Institute for Geodesy and Geoinformation Science, TU Berlin |

Wageningen UR, Alterra

LANGE, Prof. Dr. Eckart
The University of Sheffield, United Kingdom, |

LOVETT, Andrew
University of East Anglia, School of Environmental Sciences, Norwich, United Kingdom

LENZ, Roman
Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Umwelt Nürtingen-Geislingen, HfWU
Nürtingen, Germany,

MARLOW, Christopher
Ball State University, Department of Landscape Architecture, College of Architecture and Planning, Muncie, Indiana, 47306, United States

PALMER, Prof. Dr. James, Landscape Architect FASL
SUNY Syracuse, New York, USA

PETSCHEK, Prof. Peter, Landscape Architect
Dep. of Landscape Architecture, HSR Hochschule für Technik Rapperswil, Switzerland

, Matthias - Prof. Dr.-Ing. M.SC. GIS. Landscape Architect
Anhalt University of Applied Sciences, Hochschule Anhalt, Germany |

REKITTKE, Prof. Dr. Jörg , Landscape Architect
National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore, |

STEINITZ, Prof. Dr. Carl,
Alexander and Victoria Wiley Research Professor, Graduate School of Design,
Harvard University, USA

STEMMER, Boris - Prof. Dr.
Hochschule Ostwestfalen-Lippe, Fachbereich 9: Landschaftsarchitektur und Umweltplanung, Fachgebiet Landschaftsplanung und Erholungsvorsorge, Germany

STREMKE, Assistant Prof. Dr. Sven,
Landscape Architect Wageningen University and Research, Wageningen, The Netherlands<> |

University of Stuttgart, Germany

TAEGER, Prof. Dr. Stefan,
Fachhochschule Osnabrück, Fakulät Agrarwissenschaften und
Landschaftsarchitektur, Germany

TOMLIN, Prof. Dr. Dana,
School of Design, University of Pennsylvania, USA