Thursday, 31 May 2012

First Day of the DLA Conference 2012

13th International Conference on Information Technologies in Landscape Architecture


Reception Desk with Stefanie Schmidt
Welcome by Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Dieter Orzessek, President Anhalt University of Applied Sciences with Jeanne Colgan
Dieter Orzessek, President Anhalt University of Applied Sciences
Jeanne Colgan with Henry Schütze
Welcome by Henry Schütze, Lord Mayor City of Bernburg
Special Thanks from Prof. Erich Buhmann
Henry Schütze with a T-shirt from Anhalt University
DLA 2012 Group Picture
Prof. Erich Buhmann, Chair of the Conference
Music by Antje Karls and Thorsten Fabrizi
Kurhaus Conference Center Bernburg, Main Hall
BDLA Poster Exhibition - Zörbig
Conversation with Carl Steinitz, Erich Buhmann, Henry Schütze and Dieter Orzessek
Adam, Schaller, Henry Schütze and Matthias Därr in front of a Poster
Buhmann, Därr, Adam and Schütze viewing the Contributions
Därr, Buhmann, Adam and Schütze looking for the report
The BDLA Student Competition had attendees of 4 Universities in 3 different Cities
Prof. Dr. Jörg Schaller
Opening Keynote: Applying 3D Landscape Modeling in GeoDesign
Discussion with the Audience
Contribution by Prof. Jon Burley
Pawel Ozimek
The part of Michael Pokladek
Closing Panel Session
Moderator Prof. Einar Kretzler with the Microphone
Carl Steinitz
Introducing the Masters Degree Geo Information
Moderator of th second Session: Philip Paar
Dr. Sigrid Hehl-Lange from the UK
Jochen Mülder and his Presentation
During the Break
Closing Panel Session with Philipp Paar and Prof. Andrew Lovett
Moderator of the third Session Dr. Ulrike Wissen Hayek and Pia Fricker
Prof. Anna Maria Thurmayr
Interested Audience
Ulrike Wissen Hyek and Anna M. Thurmayr
Ruben Joye
Closing Panel Session of the Day with all Speakers
Jörg Schaller and Matthias Därr at the Kurhaus
Carl Steinitz and his Notebook
Conference buffet with Music by own Instruments