DLA Proceedings 2009

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Buhmann/Kieferle/Pietsch/Paar/Kretzler (Eds.)
Digital Design in Landscape Architecture 2009
Proceedings at Anhalt University of Applied Sciences 2009



Table of Contents

3D, 4D and VR Landscape Visualization
Rekittke, J. and Paar, P.:
Dirty Imagery- The Challenge of Inconvenient Reality in 3D Landscape

Zehner, B.:
Interactive Wind Park Planning in a Visualization Center - Giving Control to the User
Mach, R.:
Serious Gaming? ? Raising Awareness for Retention Measures and Flood Disasters
Engel, J. and Döllner, J.:
Approaches for Visual 3D Analysis for Digital Landscapes and Its Applications
Döllner, J.:
Digital Landscape and City Models as Computational Tools
Ozimek, P., Ozimek, A. and Labedz, P.:
Digital Analysis of Visual Aspects of Wind Farms in South-East Poland

Digital Landscape Design for the Mediterranean
Formosa, S., Agius,C., Conchin,,S., Rizzo Naudi, A., Farrugia. A. and Valentino, C.:
Does visualisation of digital landscapes serve itself? How topographic, planning, environmental and other thematic information is integrated and disseminated via web GIS
Gauci, R.:
Responsive Landscape
Lameiras, J. M. and Marques. P.F.:
Digital Terrain Modeling in Landscape Design
Bonazountas, M. and Martirano, G.:
"MedIsolae-3D": Mediterranean Islands SDI and 3D Aerial Web-Navigation
Langenhaun, D., Buhmann, E., Pietsch, M., Chougule, S. and Paar, P.:
Virtualizing Boathouses in Dwejra, Malta for Access Through WebGIS Applications
Schmidt, R.:
Contemporary Landscape Architecture - Parks and Open Space, Duties and Responsibilities
Landscape Information Models LIMs
Stock, C., Bishop, I., Subhash Sharma, S. & Chen, H.:
SIEVE - Virtual Landscapes as a Planning and Collaboration Tool
Jombach, S.:
VILACORDEM ? Special Processing of Orthophotographs in Landscape Change Visualisation
Pietsch, M., Heins, M., Buhmann, E. & Schultze, C.:
Object-based, Conceptual Landscape Models for Standardizing Landscape Planning Procedures in the Context of Road Planning Projects
Schaller, J. and Mattos, C.:
ArcGIS ModelBuilder Applications for Landscape Development Planning in the Region of Munich, Bavaria
Towards Evolutionary Design Approach: Izola Project

Knowledge-Based Landscape Architecture
Labedz, P., Ozimek, A. and Ozimek, P.:
Box-Counting Dimension in Landscape Photograph Analyses
Formosa, S.:
Maltese Criminological Landscapes: A Spatio-Temporal Case Where Physical and Social Worlds Meet
Penko Seidl, S., Cof, A., Breskvar ?aucer, L. and Maru?ič, I.:
The Problems of Large Protected Areas in the Process of Planning: A Case Study in the Municipality Ig, Slovenia
Breskvar ?aucer, L., Zupan, B. and Golobič, M.:
Formal Interpretation of Preference Maps: A Data Mining Approach
Wu, J. and Pei, L.:
Seeking Standards for Public Parks in Middle-sized and Small Cities in Moderate Climates
Flaxman, M.:
Fundamental Issues in GeoDesign

3D-Work Method in Landscape Design
Stendel, D.:
Evaluation of Autostereoscopic Visualization of Landscape
Morgan, E. Gill, L., Lange, E. & Romano, D.:
Rapid Prototyping of Urban River Corridors Using 3D Interactive, Real-time Graphics
Teaching Digital Landscape Architecture
Watson, D.:
Are landscape programmes meeting the challenge of educating the second generation of digital landscape architects?
Speed, C.:
Designing for Invisible Landscapes
Marlow, C., Hunt, M., Calkins, M. and Motloch, J.:
Design Education in Transition
Nothhelfer, U.G.:
Interactive Learning Beyond Knowledge-based Education
Marlow, C.:
Games & Learning in Landscape Architecture
Report on the conference ?Digital Landscape Architecture 2009?with list of DLA 2009 Awards

Buhmann, E.:
Landscape Architecture is Digital!
Review Process, Program Committee and Thank You from the Editors
Authors? Addresses

List of Conference Participants, DLA 2009

Announcement and Cover of Peer Reviewed Publication in 2010